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105x229 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$1.75excl. VAT
Product CodePB00G
Stock Level446
135x229 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$1.89excl. VAT
Product CodePB0G
Stock Level249
165x280 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$2.52excl. VAT
Product CodePB1G
Stock Level901
195x280 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$2.87excl. VAT
Product CodePB2G
Stock Level371
195x343 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$2.92excl. VAT
Product CodePB3G
Stock Level76
225x343 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$3.79excl. VAT
Product CodePB4G
Stock Level482
245x381 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$4.86excl. VAT
Product CodePB5G
Stock Level102
295x458 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$6.54excl. VAT
Product CodePB6G
Stock Level438
341x483 Jiffy Bag Peel & Seal
SG$7.70excl. VAT
Product CodePB7G
Stock Level445
442x661 Jiffy Bag Ungummed
SG$13.48excl. VAT
Product CodePB8G
Stock Level20
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